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Surgery To Deepen Your Voice

Did you ever wonder if there was some type of surgery that would help you lower the pitch of your voice? Well the good news is that voice deepening surgery does exist. With that being said, the real question is whether voice deepening surgery (AKA pitch lowering surgery) is a viable method to lower the pitch of your voice.

First and foremost, I am not a fan of invasive surgeries anywhere on the body. I like to go by the moto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”… I do understand however that some of you out there are desperate to make your voice deep, and are willing to try just about anything (including voice deepening surgery) if it works. So I did a little research on various medical methods that are available that can help you achieve a lower voice.

There are two medical procedures that I came across that can make the voice deeper. One is an actual surgery, while the other is an injection in to the vocal cords.

Here is more information on each procedure:

1) Pitch lowering Surgery – This involves removing a segment of cartilage from the voice box. The removal of this cartilage loosens the vocal folds, thus producing a lower pitch in your voice.

Benefits - Permanent results.

Drawbacks - Extremely invasive, risk of permanent voice damage, very costly.

2) Fat injection thyroplasty - This is a less invasive medical method that involves injecting fat tissue from another part of your body directly in to the vocal folds. Ultimately this method helps achieve a better “laryngeal closure”.

Benefits: Less invasive than surgery, results can be impressive.

Drawbacks: Not permanent (you need to keep getting injections), expensive.

As you can see, if you are seriously considering voice deepening surgery, or any voice deepening medical procedure, you have lots to think about. All medical pitch lowering methods are going to be very costly, and there are always some serious risks involved.



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