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Does Smoking Deepen Your Voice?

Many people email me and ask me if smoking makes your voice deeper. I’ve never smoked myself, but can tell you by knowing a number of people that have smoked for many years, it does. Haven’t you ever heard a 60 year old women that smokes? They often sound like a man!

I did a little research and found out that in the short term, smoking can make some people’s voice sound deeper because it makes the vocal chords swell. Also, the phlegm that builds up in your throat can change the shape of your voice box. For certain people, this makes their voice sound more “crackly”, while for others it will actually lower their pitch.
The Long Term Effects

The problem is that over the long term, smoking is very bad for your vocal cords so if you are considering smoking just to benefit from a deeper voice I’d recommend that you seriously reconsider.

You probably already know how bad smoking is for the rest of your body… It causes all kinds of cancers, cardiovascular problems, breathing problems etc. Not only will it contribute to premature break down of your vocal cords, it can also cause polyps to grow on them. These polyps can make you voice sound absolutely awful.

Simply put, the risks of smoking to make your voice deeper out weight the small change that might occur with your voice.
What are Better Voice Deepening Options?

Although voice deepening surgery and testosterone are options to help make your voice deeper, they should really be a last resort and really are not necessary for most people. The costs and risks associated with both methods are high.

90% of the time, voice training will help you deepen your voice pitch. It won’t happen overnight, but if you are consistent with the training exercises it can make a big difference.

If you don’t have the money for hiring a voice coach for private lessons, then PLEASE do yourself a favor and checkout the next best thing…

Rudy Haynes “Deep Voice Mastery Course“, which shows you exercises that will loosen the tension in your vocal cords and make your voice deeper.

It’s easy to follow, cheap, and best of all it really works.



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